Comfort, Aesthetic Value, and Utility

The Gömma (Yuh-mah) chair is designed with comfort, aesthetic value, and utility at the top of mind. The chair enhances social experiences by offering users a discreet and convenient space to host unneeded personal items. The chair design allows users to store items such as wallets, keys, small purses, and cell phones off the table top.

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    The Gömma chair is designed for those public areas where space is at a premium.

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    The Gömma chair offers a safe and convenient location to store your items while socializing and dining with friends and family.
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    Modern and sleek design cultivates space directly under the seat of the chair where users can safely store small personal belongings

Designed for practicality and comfort

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, constant cell phone usage during social settings can cause distraction and potentially lead to reduced enjoyment. The habitual use of cell phones may undermine the social benefits we humans derive from interacting with others. The Gömma chair attempts to break the cycle of cell phone addiction during social settings by simply offering a space where the user can store his or her cell phone. Simply removing the device from the tabletop can reduce the impulse to interact with the cell phone and promote social interaction with friends and family.

Nestled directly under the seat of the chair is a discrete stowaway compartment used to hold unneeded personal items during dining experiences, office meetings, performances, and other social settings. Users can fully enjoy their social experience while unencumbered by their unneeded personal items, yet at any time they have easy and convenient access to them.

The Gömma chair allows patrons to conveniently and safely store personal items during social interactions at restaurants, during performances, or in an office setting. The Gömma chair design allows users to safely store unneeded personal items such as wallets, keys, sunglasses, and cell phones.

From a restaurant operator’s perspective, heavy cell phone usage can negatively impact both the dining experience and the operator’s bottom line. According to anecdotal evidence from a New York City restaurant, users’ cell phone habits can prolong the dining experience, adding time and thus decreasing the volume of patrons an operator can move through a dining room. According to the observation, each time a patron interacts with his or her cell phone, more time is needed to fulfill the dining experience. When restaurant customers fiddle with their phones, attempt to connect to wi-fi, answer emails, or take photos, more time at the table is required which reduces the number of guests a restaurateur can accommodate over the course of an evening. Over time, this reduction in user volume means lower guest turnover and lower revenue. The Gömma chair design discreetly offers patrons the opportunity to put their phones away, thus enhancing the dining experience and maximizing restaurant revenues by keeping patrons focused on the immediate environment and speeding up the entire process.

Restaurateurs should view the Gömma chair as a benefit both to patrons and their bottom line.